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Why Study In Europe

Europe has a long history of being pioneers in Higher education. It is home to many world’s oldest and most prestigious universities. European countries, their universities and the courses they offer are all very different in terms of language, lifestyle and living costs. But some common factors such as low cost of studying, welcoming and safe environment and the pleasant climate distinguish European universities from other western countries. Let us look into some of the European countries which are popular study destinations among international students.

Study in Austria

Ranked 6 within Europe for the quality of teaching, Austria brings out the blend of academic tradition, creativity and innovation. World-class teaching, high quality of life at an affordable cost of living and low tuition fee makes Austria an attractive study destination for international students. The Austrian landscape is also a very attractive place to live, with its stable political climate and welcoming nature of people.

Study in Denmark

Denmark is ranked 3 in Europe for the quality of education it offers to students. Universities of Denmark offer more than 700-degree programs and hold themselves the pride of being academically rigorous. The Danish universities have excellent links to industry that enhances the Hands-on experience for the students. Universities in Denmark pay emphasis on developing critical skills in students that will help them fetch their dream careers. People of Denmark are reported as being the happiest in the world which makes the country a favourite study destination for the international student community.

Study in Greece

Renowned as the birthplace of Philosophy, Greece has a long and rich historical heritage to itself. The education system rooted in traditions thousands of years old, Greece is one of the most inspirational destinations for the study abroad experience. Universities in Greece charges a relatively low tuition fee and the cost of living comfortably affordable. 

Study in Sweden

Ranked top among Scandinavian countries, Sweden is a global hub for innovation and inclusiveness. Degrees offered by Universities of Sweden hold high reputation and recognition globally and students can tap into a global community full of multinational tech companies after the completion of studies. Another enticing reason to choose Sweden as the study destination is that it offers one of the lowest costs of study in Europe.

Study in The Netherlands

The Netherlands or Holland is one of the most popular countries in Europe for international students. Home for 70 institutions of higher education offering Bachelor and Master programs is educating more than 1,12,000 students from around the world. Universities in Holland are classified as either ‘Research universities, offering rigorous research-oriented academic courses, or ‘Universities of Applied sciences” which is uncommon in other European countries. The Netherlands is a very popular place to not only study but also work after graduation. The government allows international talents to stay back and work for 1 year after graduation by providing them with a work permit. Needless to say, The Netherlands is a natural choice for students seeking a destination to study and build a professional career in.

Study in Spain

World-class modern education, modest tuition fees and high university-industry link are some of the factors Spain is ranked top among other European countries. Several Universities of Spain, offering several globally recognised degrees in Business administration, Engineering and Technology solutions are ranked high among the international ranking. Fantastic Climate, exciting cities and beautiful countryside to explore are some of the reasons why students choose to study in Spain.

If any of these European countries sparked your interest to pursue higher education, get in touch with us for more information.  Qualified Professionals at Ridaan Overseas possessing rich experience in the field of overseas education are enthusiastic about guiding you through a hassle-free application process thus allowing you to land on your preferred university.

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Education Cost


Do you aspire to study abroad in a prestigious educational institution, pursuing higher education in yourdesired field of study? However, thinking of the remarkable cost associated with studying overseas puts you off every time? Not anymore!

RidaanOverseas is here to guide you with the best financial aid that can make the overall study abroadexperience seamless and budget-friendly.

We can assist you in bagging a study-abroad scholarship that can be leveraged to pay for your travel,course, books, accommodation and credits. A student scholarship is a monetary award or a type offinancial aid that most governments and universities across the globe provide to high-performing international students. Most often, the programmes are designed to allure the best talent pool in their own countries. This provides an opportunity to the brightest of minds to achieve their dream of pursuing higher education in a premier institution but without breaking their bank.

Types of Study-Abroad Scholarships

We can provide expert assistance and help you get the following scholarships to finance your higher
education abroad:

  •  Merit-based scholarship: Many top-notch universities abroad provide merit-based scholarships toattract the most talented students internationally. This type of financial aid is granted on the basis ofacademic, athletic, artistic or extracurricular merit of a candidate.
  • Programme-based scholarship: This kind of scholarship is offered by specialised study-abroadprogrammes and/or universities and colleges, and is applicable only to qualified applicants. Typically,the scholarship is granted based on a candidate’s academic or personal achievements, but theprerequisites may vary depending on the type of scholarship.
  • Subject-specific scholarship: Certain institutions or universities provide financial aid to studentsenrolling in specific subjects as their field of study or major. Qualifications for availing such financialrelief may vary based on prerequisites of each scholarship.
  • Need-based scholarship: Providing financial assistance to international students with a poorfinancial background is the key objective of need-based scholarship. Students who come fromfinancially backward classes of the society may avail such financial relief and pursue their dream to
  • study abroad. However, the candidate’s academic profile is taken into consideration here to motivatemeritorious yet financially-backward students to study abroad and achieve their goals in life. Such type of scholarship may provide coverage from full to partial tuition fees, cost of books, living expenses, etc.
  • Student-based scholarship: Often classified as minority-based financial aid, this type ofscholarship is designed for students who might be unfortunate in some form or the other like religion,gender, race or medical complications. Only minority groups expressed in terms and conditions of the scholarship will be granted financial relief.

How RidaanOverseas Can Help?

Our team of study-abroad advisors will assist you in streamlining the process, guide you to the right
university or college, and help avail the most appropriate scholarship that matches your eligibility. We can
also communicate with the university or educational institution and advice you through all the formalities
required to avail financial aid in the form of scholarship. Consult today for more information.

Application Procedure

Once we have created the above roadmap, we will help you build the perfect application for your target universities. Our experts at Ridaan Overseas will evaluate your academic background, review your extra-curricular activities and your English proficiency which is necessary to create an application that brings out the uniqueness in you.  Our experts at Ridaan Overseas will guide you to write an attractive Statement of Purpose (SOP) which is a major component of the application that most students find tricky. Apart from the applications, our experts will help you prepare the necessary documents that must be submitted along with the application. Further, we will work with you to give your best shot at the interviews through providing mock interview sessions.

We understand that moving to a new city abroad is an exciting decision that you make–and we like to assure you that Ridaan will handhold you and assist you whenever it is needed.

Education System


With this Australian Visa you can

  • participate in an eligible course of study in Australia
  • travel in and out of Australia
  • work up to 40 hours every 2-week period once your course starts


This is a temporary visa to study up to 5 years. The type of course and its length will determine the length of stay

Primary school children enrolled in years 1-4 will generally only be granted a student visa for a maximum period of 3 years.  

To continue studying in Australia, you must apply for a new Student visa.

If your Student visa will expire before your graduation you might be eligible for a Visitor visa (subclass 600). You will need a letter from your education provider with the date of your graduation.

If you hold or held a student visa and completed specific qualifications in Australia in the last six months, you might be eligible for a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485).

If you are a recent engineering graduate of a recognized institution you might be eligible for the Skilled Recognition Graduate visa (subclass 476).

If you want to stay longer for other reasons, you must apply for a new visa that suits your circumstances. Explore your visa options.

Fee Cost

The visa costs from AUD620 for the main applicant, unless they are exempt.

There is also a charge for each family member who applies for the visa.

Students who were unable to complete their course within their original student visa validity due to COVID-19 and need to apply for a further student visa to complete their study may be eligible for a fee-waiver. See COVID-19 and the border – Student visa.

You might also have to pay other costs for health checks, police certificates and biometrics.

To work out what your visa will cost use the Visa Pricing Estimator. The estimator does not take into account the other costs.

Click here to check your eligibility criteria.