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Are you ready to set off your wings and fly in pursuit of your dream to study abroad? Feeling nervous about giving away your home’s comfort and settling in a new country? Do not worry…the best is yet to come your way! So, pack your bags, buckle up your shoes and get ready for a rewarding experience with RidaanOverseas at your support all the way. 

We understand it is not easy to leave behind your loved ones and cosy comfort of your home to embark on the journey to a land unknown. For most aspirants, perhaps it is the first time they are visiting an offshore destination. Therefore, it is not surprising to be anxious thinking about the complex formalities involved, accommodation and other hassles of studying abroad. However, you have that burning passion and dream that will drive you to overcome all challenges and achieve your goals.

How We Can Help?

At RidaanOverseas, our counsellors are sensitive towards this scenario and provide dedicated pre-departure assistance to help you ward away your worries and have a hassle-free experience. The briefings will give you an idea of the travel essentials, cultural & socio-economic differences, and every other aspect related to your stay in the new country. 

We conduct pre-departure sessions that will make you knowledgeable of the immigration process and a student’s life in an overseas country. Through these sessions, you will build a sense of bonding with fellow students visiting the same country for higher studies, as well as gain a complete overview regarding your travel, lifestyle, accommodation, and other important information. 

What Our Pre-Departure Sessions Cover? 

Here is a quick overview of what our pre-departure support services encompass:

  • Packing Essentials: We can provide you with a detailed checklist that you can refer to stay organised when packing for your new country. This will help save much of your time as well as avoid last-minute hassles. 

  • Reaching Your Study-Abroad Destination: So you finally reached your dream study-overseas destination but have no idea what to do now! To help you overcome such challenges, we will guide you beforehand regarding luggage pickup, customs control, immigration checks, and everything else. 

  • Foreign Exchange and Banking: On visiting a new country, your first priority should be to open a bank account. Our pre-departure experts can also assist you in this aspect so that you are all set for a seamless learning experience in a new country.

  • Know the Student Life: Our pre-departure briefings will also focus on areas where you must adapt to different classroom environments, learning styles, college culture and expectations.     

  • Get an overview of the New Country: To help you face the cultural shock wisely, we will give you valuable insights into the country’s local culture, lifestyle, socio-economic background and other aspects. 

Our pre-departure sessions will help you be more confident and stress-free when venturing into a new country to study abroad. 

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